About Us

Over 20 years of experience in building systems

From hospital systems to telco platforms, from banking systems to marketing platforms, Inginim has been providing solutions to different businesses by making difficult problems the core of its expertise. By combining our expertise on user experience and engineering prowess, together with the innate understanding of the needs of the business, we are able to provide the optimal solution for our customers.

About us

Solutions are catered to the needs of your business


Bread and butter for companies, we build your website from scratch, or extend its capabilites by linking it with other systems. From Wordpress to Strapi Headless CMS, from AngularJS to ReactJS, we select the best platform based on current technology and your needs

Mobile Applications

We prefer building mobile applications in cross platform technologies - primiarly React Native, and more and more in Flutter. In some specialised cases where custom tablets and kiosks are used, we will build it in native Android.

Systems Integration

An organization's software system will only get more complex over time. As systems are added, often, they have problems talking to each other. That is where we come in - to integrate different systems together to ensure that there is a seamless experience across your business.